The Art of Hand-Marbled Textiles

A large part of our design work happens on the surface of water, the top of the marbling bath. It is magical to achieve such rich detail and color on the surface of a fabric when the main tool is fluid. In the process of marbling, color, pattern and texture are created through a sort of tension and eventual integration of all three.The paints float on water, the solution in the bath creates surface tension that affects the way the paints interact and move on the surface as they are manipulated, and then the final design is transferred to the fabric. No two outcomes can ever be just alike, that’s the exciting part. The resist and gain between the colors on the marbling bath creates the myriad of strong geo-metric patterns and organic landscapes that are found in the work.

The Inspiration of Color

I think about color incessantly. It's like sound in the way it can immediately create an emotional reaction or mood. I approach the color studies for each collection from a very personal perspective, a curious amalgam of my education in the visual arts and my travels across the United States, Europe, Africa and South America. For collection one, I was influenced by the palette of late artist Cy Twombly's images of Gaeta, Italy, aged photography of my grandfather's wheat harvest in Oklahoma and the sand dunes and sea shells along Benguerra Island. What resulted was quite nostalgic and romantic, yet a bit playful as well. A perfect palette for the home and the accessories that make it truly personal.